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Jason Ellsworth is a part of the One Voice Ministries family as a worship leader, songwriter and speaker. Jason has a unique ability to engage people from all walks of life with his prophetic voice, raw passion, and confidence in God's affection. Jason has authored songs such as “Walk on the Water”, "Lovesick”, “All You've Got For Me”, “Satisfy My Heart”, “You Can Have My Whole Heart (My Heart Belongs to You)”, “Jesus Christ the Holy King” and more. He has had songwriting relationships with several publishing companies, including Gaither Publishing and Chapel Valley Publishing.

Jason grew up in a musical home and has been involved in worship ministry since he was a child. His albums include: Lovesick (2003), Encounter (2004), Listening (2006), Overcome (2010) and Trees (2017). Jason lives in Kansas City with his wife Nicole and their four amazing (and really funny) children. He serves on the staff of Northpointe Church and ministers in the US and internationally.  His music is available on Spotify, iTunesGoogle Play, and Amazon.


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